Family Law

Family Law

Kanchan Khatana and Associates helps provides legal solutions for Matrimonial and Family Disputes. The firm advices its foreign and domestic clientele on all aspects of matrimonial and family mattersWhen the matrimonial dispute leads to separation and partners wish to divorce, it brings with it many legal complications. Our Team has a thorough understanding of the legal process around all the aforementioned complexities. Our team of lawyer’s make the entire process relatively smooth for you through a well thought strategy. Matrimonial  litigation following services are offered under civil and criminal Law for example :

Under Criminal Law :

  • Complaint under Dowry Prohibition Act;
  • Criminal complaint Under section 498A read with 406 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 and its Proceeding before CAW cell and Magistrate;
  • Complaint under Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005;
  • Application under section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 seeking maintenance by wife;
  • In filing or defending Bail and anticipatory Bail at any level, before any court namely court of session or High Court and supreme court;
  • In filing or defending various complaints under the various sections of Indian Penal Code as applicable in the particular case;

Under Civil/Family Law :

  • Application u/s 24 of HMA for seeking interim maintenance and expenses by wife;
  • Application u/s 9 of HMA for restitution of conjugal rights;
  • Application u/s 10 of HMA for Judicial Separation;
  • Petition for Divorce under various ground mentioned under section 13 (1) & (2) and 13B of Hindu marriage Act viz. (i) on the ground of mutual consent (ii) Petition on the ground of cruelty, desertion, impotency, adultery etc.
  • Petition for custody of children under provisions of Guardianship and Wards Act, 1955
  • Application u/s 12 of HMA for seeking declaration of Marriage Void;
  • Suit for partition of the joint property owned jointly by husband and wife;